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  • About Us

    Sun Surface Chemical was established in 1998, the headquarters is located in the island of Taiwan.
    Ad 2001 investment in applied chemical companies, rapid development and growing. China is headquartered in Suzhou, and in Suzhou, Kunshan, Guangzhou and other places with a total of factories, trading companies, offices and R & D training center. Production and sales of 5 categories of products in China: semiconductor lithography ( Profile of Photo process) and etching process chemicals, semiconductor packaging chemicals, connector chemicals, chemical nickel and chemical OEM.


    Management Team

    The ultimate person, assembled into a team

    Different characters, different backgrounds, the same dedication, the same blood, they are energetic, their perseverance
    They are sensitive to the times, they pay tribute to the classic, "the cause of love, baht will be more", they practice in the fake and true, they challenge the sublimation of self

    Management Team

    From the most primitive needs, do the most radical change

    They know how to respect the real feelings of their hearts, they know how to accept reasonable opinions from the outside world,
    They see the problems of the times, they can afford to carry the responsibility of the times, they carefully discerned, they earnestly seek, they borrowed the times, they also era of sincerity.

    Latest Products

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